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The values of a 100% Italian company

Sedit was founded in 2003 and soon became a leading company in the production and sale of tables, chairs and furnishing accessories. The personalization of the product has always been at the base of the company philosophy.

Catalogue 2019-2020

An industry with craftsmanship at heart.
An industry with craftsmanship at heart.

Technical skill and technology are the tools we use to manufacture high-quality products and to monitor our production process, step by step.

The material takes shape
The material takes shape

At Sedit, knowing how to mould materials is not just our day job, it is a true art form.

Latest news

  • Available the new Sedit 2019 catalogue, you can download it in pdf format from the “catalogues” page....

  • Finally the new sedit-italia.it website is online!...