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The values of a 100% Italian company

Sedit was founded in 2003 and soon became a leading company in the production and sale of tables, chairs and furnishing accessories.

The personalization of the product has always been at the base of the company philosophy.

The use of quality materials such as antique wood, glass, ceramics, eco-glass, dolphins of the Venice lagoon combined with a unique and sophisticated design, make our products a must in the furniture industry.

A brand with at the base style, quality and originality completely Made in Italy.

An industry with craftsmanship at heart

Technical skill and technology are the tools we use to manufacture high-quality products and to monitor our production process, step by step. Sedit’s industrial processing procedures are guided and perfected by an important artisanal touch, which comes through in the attention to detail at each single stage of production and in the finishing details. This is part of what it means to
be made in Italy: an industry that knows how to add value to its products, with artisanal skill.

The material takes shape

At Sedit, knowing how to mould materials is not just our day job, it is a true art form. We know our materials and processing techniques inside out, and this ensures we have the material to work with to create new projects and innovative ideas. Wood, glass, stone, metal, ceramic, ecomalta, hide, leather and fabric: when one single texture or material meets the others, this is when unique, customised products are born.